Monday, August 30, 2010

Second Chance Supper

This week our leftovers were a lot more fun due to a few changes:
I decided to name it something different - mainly because I have an obsession with naming things. But I also thought it would take the hum drum-ness out of leftover night. So, I came up with "Second Chance Supper".  The boys thought it was funny. And, because the table looked completely different, it didn't really feel like we were eating the same things. 

At Michael's craft store this week, all of their last season's paper party dinnerware was on clearance - 50 cents for a pckg of 8 paper plates! And they're CUTE! I also got matching napkins. They had a few different styles so I stocked up. I spent about $8.00 and I have enough to last a long time.

The BEST part, is that when we're done with dinner, we can toss it all in the trash! (Or recycling bin)

Now, who wouldn't want to eat dinner at this pretty and inexpensive table?! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chew The Fat

I made a roast tonight for dinner. I always cut the fat off the meat for my boys. They've never had a hunk of fat attached to their meat, so they don't really know what it tastes or feels like. This is because of my preference, not theirs. They probably don't know the fat exists. However, I missed some of the fat on Wesley's roast tonight. I watched him as he put a fatty (ugh...I'm about to heave even typing it) piece in his mouth and his entire body shivered. His nose flared and he clinched down his teeth and whined. Without hesitating, I grabbed a napkin and let him spit it out! (something we don't normally allow at the table). 

When I was a little girl, my dad taught me to eat every last bite of food on my plate. If I did (and my brother too), then we could be members of the "Clean Plate Club". This is a tradition I have adopted for my boys and have added the luxury of giving them a sticker! Whoohoo! 

On my very first date, with my very first and ONLY boyfriend, I ordered steak. Paul took me to a fancy restaurant in the 'burg called "Crown Sterling". I ordered the same thing he did - Ribeye steak, cooked medium, with the salad bar. (Now that I'm comfy in my skin, I would have ordered a filet, medium well). I was trying to be so polite and proper and felt totally out of my element. When my steak was presented before me, I could see it everywhere,

Fat. Fat. Fat. 

In fact, I don't think there were more than 2 bites of actual steak on my plate! I was too embarrassed to say anything, so.... I ate. every. bite. I can still taste it. YUCK! I wanted to cry. I wanted to hurl. But, I chewed it and swallowed it because I didn't want Paul to think I was high maintenance. (Boy, has that veil been torn over the years! ha ha!:) 

I thought about that date tonight as I watched Wesley. I thought about how many things we are taught out of preference. My boys might have grown up liking fat if I did. They will like certain people if I do. They will form opinions, based on my opinions - wow, that's a scary thought. I am encouraged/convicted tonight, to make sure I am teaching my boys truth - God's truth, not just preference. However, if they start "preferring" to chew the fat of the steak...we might have issues. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Boy, do they grow up fast!

Today my baby, my little Wesley, turns 5. I can't believe how fast 5 years has gone. Wesley is the spunk of our family. I love so many things about him. I love that he goes after life with everything he's got. I thank God every day for my boys and what each one brings to our family.
This was his 1st birthday. We were on vacation at the beach. I am laughing at this picture! I wish I had a smile-y picture. The point of it though, is that his first cake was funfetti with rainbow chip icing. 

4 years later, it's still his favorite cake!
Wesley's birthday buddies at his party.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hot Spot

Every home has one. This is mine. The corner of my kitchen counter. I took a picture of it this morning at 6:45 and it looked like this:
Throughout the day, things get flung onto the counter. Random things. For whatever reason it seems easier to fling stuff there than to take a second to put it where it belongs. After a day of doing that, it looks like THIS:

I read a GREAT book called Sink Solutions by the Fly Lady. (sounds silly, but trust me it's awesome!) She says to avoid "Hot Spot Clutter" by remembering that EVERYTHING HAS IT'S PLACE. Scissors - go in the utensil drawer. Glass - dishwasher. Cordless phone - on the charger, etc. The plan is to be able to clear the clutter within a minute by putting things where they belong. (Instead of sweeping it all into a junk drawer....who, me?, I've never done that!) The Fly Lady would be proud of me though because my sink is CLEAN!