Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Sometimes, people, even though they don't want recognition...deserve it. So here goes:

Recently Paul went to Africa. He's been many times and this trip was only 9 days. However, in that 9 days me and both my boys ended up with the flu and pneumonia. We were literally in our house for 8 days straight other than going to the dr. I was completely exhausted. I couldn't take care of myself and my boys at the same time. I can't tell you how blessed I am with the friends God has given me. Friends of mine did my laundry, brought meals, magazines, picked up prescriptions, sent over a house cleaner!, got groceries for me and one friend came and sat with me for lunch 2 days in a row - and she cleaned out my closet!!! (for those of you that have seen my closet, you know that was no easy feat:) Some of you may be reconsidering being my friend...I promise I'm not always this high maintenance...only sometimes. :)
The worst night: Day 3 of Paul being away, I was in my bed by 9:00pm and had just taken cough syrup with codeine, and was going to try to sleep. I saw something on my white sheets that I thought was a crumb, but then I saw it MOVE! I grabbed my glasses to get a closer look and I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew what it was. I googled "bedbugs" right away and sure enough. We had them. I was mortified, sick, exhausted and hysterical all at the same time. I just wanted to SLEEP and now I was hyper and on a mission. side note - (We had both traveled recently and brought our suitcases back in our bedroom and they sat on the floor for a few days, I'm thinking that's how we got them. I read that hotels are the #1 place to pick them up. So don't put your suitcases on the floor!) I called one of the numbers on the list Paul leaves me of "in case of emergency" (they are friends of ours that Paul trusts to help me out while he's away). I called Mr. Tony.  My medicine had kicked in and I was dizzy and crying. He answered the phone and said..."slow down, tell me what's going on and what do you need.." I don't even remember what I said but I got the point of the bedbugs across and asked if he could use his truck to pick up the mattresses the next morning. He encouraged me to go upstairs and sleep in one of the boys beds and he would come the next day and take care of the mattresses.

The sweetest day: My sweet friend (and Clipsy Chicks partner) Dana, came over the next morning as well. Her and Tony and a friend named Mike hauled away my old mattresses, pillows, comforters, decor pillows, etc. Dana cleaned the entire bed frame, vacuumed, and was loading up a ton of laundry to take to the laundry mat.

That is when Tony came back in the house with a box spring. At first, I thought it was my old box spring that he had cleaned off and was putting it back on. Then Dana whispered to me, "I think that's a new one". I looked at Tony and asked him if he had talked to Paul about it and if Paul had told him to go get a new boxspring. Tony said..."No, but I talked to my heavenly Father and he told me to do this so I did...Now, lay down on your new bed and see if you like it."

Did I like it!? All I could do was put my head in my blanket and sob. Paul and I have had our mattresses for 13 years. They were old and uncomfortable and gave us both backaches. Now, we have a brand new beautiful pillow top mattress! Tony even thought to get us new pillows, sheets that would fit the much larger mattress, and a down comforter!!!
I had no idea what to say. I was completely overwhelmed at his generosity. And his humility. A few days later, I saw Tony at his restaurant that he allowed me and the boys to eat at for free while Paul was away. He told me how much it blessed HIM to do that for Paul and I. Every night I get in my beautiful bed and am so giddy to just be in it! I could never say thank you enough. So I pray that God will continue to bless our friends as they have blessed our family. I love you guys!