Saturday, March 29, 2008

What is "Crumbs in my butter?"

And now for the long-awaited reveal of the title of my blog!

A few years ago Paul and I were preparing for out of town company. A dear friend was coming that we hadn't seen in a while and I went nuts cleaning the house. The day before our guest was to arrive, Paul came home from work to find me in a tizzy. I was stressed out because I had to go shopping and get "guest friendly" food, come up with some type of welcome basket for the guest bedroom, I was even touch-up painting our walls where my five year old (then 3 yr. old) had colored or put his handprints. 

Paul asked me why I felt the need to do all of these things? Well, I was outraged! Why do I feel the need??? Because, it's what your SUPPOSE to do when you have company. After all, he should be thankful that I am doing all this, because it makes him look good too. As I was giving him my laundry list of "to-do's" for the day, he sat down at the kitchen counter and just listened...patiently and quietly, until....

A - "And I need to pull the weeds from the front flower bed, put a new bar of soap in the shower, and oh...there's crumbs I need to scrape out of the butter."

P - "Wait, what did you say? There's crumbs in the BUTTER! Angela, seriously, you've got to be kidding me."

A - "No, that's embarrassing, I'm gonna scrape them out!"

Paul had enough. He told me he didn't care if anyone saw the crumbs in our butter in fact he said, let them see the crumbs in our butter! That's who we are! We HAVE CRUMBS IN OUR BUTTER! In fact, he said, I hope Will throws a good 'ol fashioned tantrum while our company is here too, because that's WHO WE ARE! 

So, I left the room, upset. But I thought about what he said, (or what he yelled :) I decided to leave the weeds in the flower bed, and yes, I left the crumbs in my butter.

Now, it's not that I won't occasionally scrape those crumbs out for company, and I still do all of the little touches, because that's just me. But, my perspective on why I do these things has changed. Thank goodness for a husband who isn't scared to tell me the truth. 

A good friend will see the crumbs in your butter and love you anyway, or love you even more because of them. 

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where do broken hearts go?

The other day, Will had a friend (Cobe Grandstaff) over to play. They were talking quietly so I couldn't hear, so obviously I was gonna stick around...this is what I heard...
Will: "Boy, it was a bad day today"
Cobe: "Why?"
Will: "Jaylee broke up with me."
Cobe: "Well, she obviously doesn't know what SHE'S thinkin'!"
Oh my word, Will is FIVE! I have to wonder what kind of soap opera's Jaylee's been watching to even know the term "break-up". She didn't even have the heart to wait until after their egg hunt. But as you see in the pictures, Will rebounded quite nicely. So you may ask, where do broken hearts go? They go to Cayden and Bella! 

By the way, the first picture is Jaylee. She's cute, but watchout! :)

Batten down the hatches!

We've had storms the last few weeks, and they're finally over!!! Since we don't have a basement, we go in my ebay closet in the kitchen. I sell whatever I can on ebay right now to make some extra money. And, I made this closet my office for items that I'm selling. We call it the storm cellar, I mean, "seller".....WHY? because I'm SELLIN' UP A STORM!