Friday, May 30, 2008

Mountain Lion (DEW)

My dad's birthday was today! Me, Paul and the kids called him tonight to sing to him over the phone and Jason (my hilarious brother) sent me pictures of their evening...

This picture takes the cake (no pun intended, ha!) Jason and Heather have 4 handsome boys and they were all so excited to have "Mountain Dew" for dinner. As you can see, it's from Food Lion, hence the name Mountain Lion. It makes me laugh. So, all these years, I've been wondering where the name Big "K" comes from....well you get it from KROGER! Aha! An "AHA" moment. :)

And I say, as long as the kids don't know the difference, get the cheaper stuff. My kids think Sam's Choice is the REAL coke. They won't care one day when they find out about Santa, but watchout when we tell them they've been drinking a knock off!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good Clean Fun!

Monday Paul bought the boys a slip and slide. I was more excited than they were, because I KNEW what it was. They had never seen one before. When Paul brought it home, Will and Wesley had this ho-hum..."THAT'S our prize?" attitude. But, it didn't last for long, they played in that thing for 5 HOURS! Paul had fun showing them how to slip and slide. (Perfect form Paul!:) He kind of looks like he's an olympic swimmer. We put soap on the slide to make it super slick and after we rinsed all the grass off, the boys smelled so good and didn't really need a bath that night.

The other picture is my back patio. Last summer I painted this design on it with concrete stain. I really wanted it to look like tile. One day, we want to do either slate or tile out there. Over the winter it peeled and cracked, so I fixed over the weekend. I put 2 layers of sealer on it so hopefully it will last longer this time. I thought it might look a little hokey at first, but now I really like it. The good thing about the stain and sealer is that it makes the concrete a little more smooth, so when those little knees fall, they don't get scraped as badly.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

All American Girl

I think that I am somewhat German, my maiden name is Schonfelder. (Means "beautiful fields" in german). But, I'm all American at heart. I'm very patriotic and I love to celebrate by doing ALL AMERICAN sorts of things. Like, picking strawberries with my boys, cutting up a watermelon, putting up little american flags for decoration, grilling hot dogs, and setting off fireworks in the driveway and waiting to see if the neighbors will come out to watch them and visit with us. If a fireworks display is set to patriotic music, I get all teary.

I am so thankful for our freedom. I love this country and I love that it was founded on Godly values. It is sad to see that slipping away, but knowing where personal freedom comes from gives me hope.

Be proud today, make a point to do something to show your patriotism. Go get a little flag and stick it in a flower pot, or make one of those strawberry, whipped cream and blueberry flag cakes you see in the J-e-l-l-o ads this time of year. :)

My word, wait til the 4th of July, I am already thinking of something to put up on my blog.

And, now for my song choice...I know this city was obviously NOT built on Rock-n-roll. I just really like that song, but when you go to view the slideshow, click on America the Beautiful by Ray Charles. You just can't beat that!

Check out my Slide Show!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Don't try this at home

In 30 years you would think I have learned my lesson that a tan in a bottle isn't natural. Well.....NO, I haven't learned. I fell for another one of these tanning "schemes". I bought Neutrogena air brush spray tan in an aerosol can. I was PSYCHED, cause I thought THIS WILL FINALLY BE WHAT GIVES ME THAT GOLDEN GLOW! Well, I was GOLDEN alright. The next morning I woke up to see an Ooompa Looompa in the mirror. Aghhh! I went to a tanning salon and they tried to fix it. We headed to the beach the next day, and all I can say is that I spent the first day at the beach in a 3/4 length shirt. For all of my tan friends, please don't ever take for granted that you can tan!!! I know that God gave me this fair, freckled skin and I have learned to be thankful. I need to bring back being pale. Wasn't that the fashion, oh, let's say, a hundred years ago? Pale people of the world UNITE. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Waterin' Hole

There's a waterfall about 15 minutes from my house! I've lived here 10 years and didn't even know it was there. It's a little piece of heaven and the boys just loved it! I know the water looks a little murky, but, I had to resist my urge to be phobic about it and let them have fun. You walk down this short trail (that starts in a cemetery) and all of a sudden it opens up into a little paradise. I felt so far away from the crazy world for a moment. Like I had gone back in time. I LOVE THAT!