Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2 Full Moon's for the price of 1

Last night I went on a run for the *cough*first*cough* time this year. I put in my earphones, cranked up "My Savior, My God" - (which I will be doing another post about, I've got to CELEBRATE!!!) and I ran up the street.

Ahhh, the fresh cold air, the pavement, good music, and...(insert a screeching record noise) a rowdy car full of boys with the base pounding. I didn't hear them until they were right behind me because I like my music LOUD. When in my startled state, I looked up to see...well, ummmm, I saw a naked rear end hanging out the window. Yes. I was mooned. I have NEVER been publicly mooned before. I was in shock. I didn't have enough time to react. If I had time, I would have shouted something very annoying, like..."you boys are gonna kill somebody, do your parents know what you're doing?" or better yet, I would have gotten the license plate and called the police on their rear ends...literally. The NERVE of them to interrupt my sweet, precious alone time!

I headed back home. Maybe a little worried that they would do another "drive by". Now, if you remember from an older post, I love where my house sits. We are on a hill and at night, when the sun is setting, we have a most GLORIOUS view of the sky. As I turned the corner to come back down my street, I looked up in AWE.


This picture doesn't do it justice. It really took my breath away. This I know, God has a sense of humor. I mean, REALLY? Another "MOON"?

I'm so thankful God redeemed the first full moon with THIS one.

Afterall, He is in the business of redeeming what Satan means for evil and turning it for good, for HIS glory.

**By the way, this is an excellent children's/parent's book. "FOOL MOON".

The words in this book are profound. Author: Kristi and T. Lively Fluharty
"Dear God,
I heard a cosmic story
And wondered if it's true.
The Moon was stealing glory
And this is what he'd do.

He bragged each night that his great might
Could make the darkness flee. 

And like a kite he scaled the heights
And said, 'Hey look at me!'

The pompous moon would only croon
The songs that praised his name.
He hoped that soon the cosmic tunes
Would bring him greater fame.

It's really strange but he could change
His shape throughout the year.
His face would change, then rearrange
And sometimes...


He loved the thought that astronauts 
Had danced across his face.

And cosmonauts and monkeynauts
Would visit him in space. 

He bragged that he could cause the sea
To rise and swell each day. 

Then all could see how mightily
He'd pull the waves away. 

He'd boast away and loved to say, 
'I am the greatest light!'

Until one day a piercing ray
Showed him a shocking sight.

He saw his pride and then he cried
For all that he had done. 
For he had lied when he denied
His light came from the Sun.

So now each night a new delight
Is what he loves the most.
Reflecting light with all his might,
The SUN is now his boast!

So God I pray for grace each day
To find the joy that's true,
In all my days and all my ways
In making much of YOU!"

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vera Wang/Vera Bradley?

I was in Kohl's the other day looking at some capri pants by Simply by Vera Wang. They are so cute and on sale! I was looking for my size when 2 older ladies walked by the display table and said..."Oh LOOK! Vera Bradley is designing clothes now!" They were tickled PINK. And just overhearing them made me giggle.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dishes - New Healthcare Plan

We've had a case of the sickies in this house for a few weeks. Strep, stomach flu, body aches, and so on. I keep Lysol wipes handy. I wipe down EVERYTHING. I've developed a new healthcare plan (MUCH BETTER THAN THE ONE MR. O WILL SIGN) We are taking Emergen-C (available at drug stores) and attempting to eat healthy foods that will boost our immune system. I'm keeping their bathroom clean, the doorknobs, sheets, etc. The one thing that has been neglected -

The sink.

I'm one of those gals that can't go to bed with dishes in the sink, however, the last 2 DAYS, this is what my sink has looked like. In my brave attempt to reveal this nasty sink to you, I'm hoping it will light a fire under me to actually CLEAN IT OUT! Yep, that's murky water they're sitting in. I'm grabbing my PINK rubber gloves and getting to work. (See how I'm blogging about it, just to put it off, even a few more minutes.) What I'm NOT showing you, is my stove. Yikes! By the way, thanks Dad, for putting this beautiful sink in for me. I promise I'll take better care of it. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day Lad's!

I used my $12.00 Rite Aid rebate check to get my boys some goodies from the $1 bins at Target! I think I had more fun buying/giving them than they did opening them. :) *** By the way, whenever I video my boys, they talk different. Wesley also starts acting like Curious George. REALLY, most of the time, they're "ANGELS"! :) And, I just realized Will's tie has mugs of beer on it. He doesn't realize it. Ooops.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cherish The Fingerprints

Our back door is where I "allow" my boys to be creative for holidays. They love to put up window clings. And now, since EVERY holiday has a window cling, there is always something on the back door. I have to confess, I'm a stickler about fingerprints on glass. I have been known to windex my back door several times in 1 day. However, this morning I was looking at these green clovers and bears on the door and I wondered how many more years will they even want to celebrate these little holidays. Pretty soon, they'll be on to bigger things. So, with a deep breath...sigh, I will cherish the fingerprints and window clings.

**I just got back from Target and their dollar bins have really fun St. Patty's day treats for kids. I'm so excited to have a little surprise waiting for them Wed. morning. And, YES, OH YES, I will be in FULL IRISH ACCENT on Wednesday. Non of 'dis English malarky. :)