Sunday, February 28, 2010

You are cordially invited to my art exhibit!

Dr. Seuss' birthday is Tuesday, and in honor of that, my son's 1st grade teacher is sending home a book for each kid and a journal for them to write in about the book. His teacher asked me to illustrate the journal covers (something I had done for her before) and I was ecstatic!

**Now, let me back up here and say, I've always secretly wished I could be an artist. Well, along with a lot of other things...a singer, a dancer, Miss America, a journalist, a news anchor, see what I mean. There was a girl in my high school named Courtney who could draw. I mean, REALLY draw. She would use her imagination and whip up something on her notebook paper that would astound us. I always wished I had that talent. When I was a cheerleader, we had to make banners for the games to post throughout the school. I LOVED when it was my turn. The football players didn't always love it however...for example: one time I made a huge banner that said "Bee (with a picture of a BEE) there, or bee (another picture of a BEE) square. Now, our mascot was the Bulldogs. So you can imagine how my cheesiness in the banner making didn't say much about our MIGHTY, FIERCE, UNSTOPPABLE, Bulldogs.**

Fast forward to I am, a wife, a mother of 2, and I never thought I'd need my artistry skills again, but ALAS, destiny has come knocking! :)

Please enjoy for FREE: (next time there will be a charge:)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Save-inars are taking off!

As most of you know, I have started my own business, called... Clipsy Chicks. My friend Dana and I went into this venture together last November. We teach Save-inar classes, mostly in homes, with a bunch of ladies. We have a BLAST! Our calendar is filling up and we are thrilled! This week we had our Save-inar at the Hiram Coffee House. Such fun! We have completely surrendered this business to the Lord and are giving him the reigns. It is amazing the opportunities that He has given us this far. I don't know how long this "saving train" will last, but as long as HE is in it, we are willing to ride it out!
We had some time at the Hiram Coffee House to have a cup of MY FAVORITE "Baja Chicken Soup". Yum!  **ps - no, I'm not pregnant, it's just the dress!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I went to pick Will up from school yesterday afternoon as it started snowing. I was walking down the halls and could hear all the kids in the classrooms going absolutely NUTS! I was giddy. Probably more giddy than any 1st grader you've ever seen. When I got into Will's class, all the kids were glued to the windows and just dying to go outside. Rule in Georgia, you can't take the kids outside unless it's 45 degrees or above. I ended up with my nose pressed against the glass with 18 other kids. OH, it was SO MUCH FUN!
I love this picture because Will doesn't realize he's about to get nailed by his brother!

Getting dressed for playing in the snow is NOT something I'm skilled in. I thought I was gonna break out in hives trying to get Wesley's gloves on. AGH! For some reason, he thought his pinky and ring finger should stay TOGETHER! I had to pry them apart and force them into the glove hole.

They played all afternoon. Will built this snowman all by himself. (He just said to me, "Mom, make sure your friends know, that I built it, with NO HELP").

Last night, we went on what I call a "midnight walk". It wasn't really midnight, more like 7:30pm. **When I was a little girl, we would travel to Illinois each Christmas and we ALWAYS had snow. Me and my gramma would go on walks late at night, bundled up, and would relish in the quiet streets. The sky would always look pink to us. She would tell me stories about the little town they live in. One time, me and my gramma went for a walk at midnight. It was something I will NEVER forget.** We had a blast last night. Just the 4 of us. Walking right in the middle of the road.
No, Paul didn't wet his pants...he had just been the target of a snowball. :)

When we came in all cold and red nosed, we had some hot chocolate (with pink heart shaped marshmallows) and enjoyed the fire. It doesn't get any better than that.

Yes, Wesley is outdoors in his robe and slippers this morning. He lasted about a minute. 

This is our backyard and woods. Through the trees is their fort and swingset.

For fun...this is my "sturdy pine that doesn't mind the snow". That's for you D and D. :)

And...look what my sweet friend Lauren, brought me this week. She is a DOLL! I'm not kidding this gal is a true southern belle. I got a knock on the front door and there she was, holding this surprise for me...
She made this for me! I have wanted a wreath for my door forever. I literally jumped up and down when I saw this. Isn't it so cute? Thank you Lauren!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

$1.72...for a COOKIE?

I love a good cookie. Especially from the Great American Cookie Company. However, I recently bought a choc. chip/m&m cookie for my boys to SPLIT because the total for ONE cookie was a whopping $1.72!!! My eyes almost popped out of my head! I have a remedy, and a pretty good one, I think:

I bought this cookie dough from Kroger - (used a coupon, got it for .74 cents)
Mini M&M's (used a coupon, got them for .90 cents)

AND....Voila! I have 2 dozen m&m chocolate chip cookies for...$1.64. I'll be putting these babies in ziplocs and taking them to the mall with us from now on.