Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You'll LOVE this sandwich!!!

A friend of my recently introduced me to this turkey pinwheel. It's SO YUMMY! And the ingredients might surprise you, but give it a whirl! You'll be hooked too!Here's what you need:
Very thin or shaved ham and turkey
Pineapple cream cheese
Whole Wheat Tortillas
Wishbone Balsamic Salad Spray
OreganoSpread a very thin layer of the cream cheese.Layer ham and turkey, very thin as well.Slice tomatoes as thin as you can. Lay them up the middle.Layer lettuce on top and spritz with salad spray.Sprinkle with just a little oregano.Roll up very tight from the side.Wrap it in foil. Put in fridge and let it set overnight or at least for a few hours. Slice them up and you're ready for a picnic! Aren't they cute?Our family went to the park for a picnic dinner. I served our pinwheels with a little pasta salad and some Sun Chips. YUM!You've also got to try this strawberry dip. I got it off the Warm Pie, Happy Home blog (on my sidebar). You need a jar of marshmallow cream and a block of cream cheese. Mix together. It's a lot easier if you let the cream cheese get room temp. Or put it in a blender. Voila! Dessert! YUMMY!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Introducing "HOOKEDONPINK" - The Crocheted Dishcloth Store

For years, I have made these dish cloths and now I want to share them with YOU! Click here to visit my new store!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Please vote for Nicole Olschewske! She's almost made it to the very end! Nicole goes to our church and deserves to win this thing! Click here

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm gonna "let the cat out of the bag"...

Okay, I have a thing about cliches. I think they're hilarious! I use them a lot. Most of the time I don't even know what they mean. I think it's especially funny to hear old people using them. I used to work for an orthodontist that would say things like..."boy, does she have a bee in her bonnet" - which would mean..."she's upset today".

Lately I actually learned the meaning of two cliches that I used all the time and it cracked me up to hear them in their REAL sense of the words! For example:

"I'm gonna wring your neck"... Well, I have a friend who lives on a farm (their last name is McDonald too by the way, to make the story EVEN better!:) She was telling me about her chickens getting sick and if they didn't get better, she was going to have to "wring their necks"! I just looked at her like...who, whu, huh? That's a REAL statement??? I just laughed. Then I thought about wringing a chicken's neck and got a little grossed out. But, that's how they do it on the farm!

"Pick of the litter"...A few months ago we were looking into getting a puppy. I went to look at a batch that had just been born. The lady was describing them to me and she said, now I can't promise you the little white one because I told someone else they could have the "pick of the litter". Again...I just stood there, a little dazed. Lightbulb moments for me folks. Light bulb moments.

I've started to learn, they all come from an ACTUAL experience or meaning, so "letting the cat out of the bag" - I'd LOVE to know where that came from! Or if you know any of these other ones...FILL ME IN - (wait is "fill me in" a cliche too? see what I mean, I can't help myself!) Now, here's a list of some that I have NO IDEA what they mean, but I've said them...

"Play it by ear"
"Gilding the Lily"
"Let the cat out of the bag"
"Pipe it down" (I say this to the boys - ha! I'm laughing at myself for even sharing that!)
"Up for grabs"
"You're not just whistling Dixie"
"Shoot myself in the foot"
"Eat your heart out" - (Oh, dear, I hope that one doesn't have a LITERAL meaning!)
"Whatever tickles your fancy"
"Get a handle on it"
"This takes the cake"
"Open up a can of worms"
"Last straw"
"You've got another thing comin'"
"Get your act together" (another one I've said to my boys - no wonder they look at me confused a lot!)
"No skin off my nose"
"Now we're cooking with grease"
"Break a leg"
"In the nick of time"
"Chomping at the bit"
"This is right up your alley"

Okay, I could keep going. Seriously. But you "catch my drift"!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let the WEDDINGS begin!!!!

It's Wedding Season! Woohoooo! I LOVE this part of my husband's job. Every now and then, I will get invited to come along with him as he "marrys someone". It's my favorite date! There's romance in the air. The lights, candles, music, food, dancing and CAKE! This is the first of many weddings this season and I was so excited to be invited to this one. In case you're reading this and Paul is doing your wedding in the future and you're wondering..."should I invite the pastor's wife?" the answer is absolutely YES! :) Last night we went to a BEAUTIFUL outdoor wedding. Set under a towering pecan tree. White chairs. Rose petals on the path. Twinkle lights. And her colors were PINK! I was in heaven! Can you tell, I'm just a tad happy? Maybe the veins in my neck give me away! Embarrassing!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Caught RED-HANDED...literally!!!

Boy, I thought Wesley was taking the longest, best nap ever. He had been up in his room for over an hour. I started laundry, picked up the kitchen, and started dinner. 

I went upstairs to wake up Wesley.... I noticed the door handle was REALLY STICKY, but "sticky" isn't that uncommon in my house, so I continued into his room...this was my first clue:
There he was. Fast asleep. Probably had JUST fallen asleep. Laying next to this:

He left little clues all over his room...on the humidifier:
On the air purifier:

On his piggy (monkey) bank:

After 5 minutes of scrubbing, his hands are still red. Lesson: don't leave Christmas stocking candy in your kid's drawers!!! Oh, and another thing... all this work on keeping his air healthy, keeping HIM healthy, with the humidifier, air purifier, and he's upstairs sucking on sugar. Goodness gracious. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I'm Passin' Out"

A guest on the Glenn Beck show passed RIGHT out on air. I had to share this video with my kindred spirited friends who I KNOW will laugh with me.

I'm in hysterics right now. I know I should probably feel bad for this guy. But, it's hilarious to me that he actually says to Glenn Beck..."I'm passing out". He also starts slowly backing out of the screen, trying to be inconspicuous about it.

Poor guy. I do hope he's okay.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pucker Up!

I read in a book recently that you can tell how healthy your marriage is by how much you KISS! I was intrigued by this so I continued to read that you really need to have 3 passionate kisses a day.

Well, when I read "passionate kisses" I thought. Woah! 3 is alot. When I think of a "passionate kiss" I think 2-3 minutes. Well, it actually meant you need to hold the kiss for a few SECONDS not MINUTES! I started laughing at myself. I was picturing having to stop and have long make out sessions while I'm trying to cook dinner.

I've learned the difference in kissing my husband good-bye in the morning with feeling and passion behind it, instead of just a peck. And the same thing goes for when he comes home at the end of the day. Now, I don't time myself...(example...HOLD, HOLD, HOLD, okay...CUT! ha ha!) But I make sure I've planted a good one on my hubby and that we feel something behind it.

I'm not gonna lie to you, there are occasions where it would be easier to go through the motions, get the peck out of the way and move along. But, when I take the time and effort (which isn't asking a lot by the way, a few seconds here) to kiss my man, it gives us a moment of connectedness. So much is said in that moment even if no words are spoken.

Alright, so here's my challenge to you: PUCKER UP LADIES!!! Until next week, give this a try. See what happens. Does it become less routine and more passionate? I know it has helped in my home!

Now, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't recommend some GREAT lip gloss for your homework. It just might give you the boost you need to get KISSING! Here's some of my favorites:Beauty Rush from Victoria's Secret. This stuff smells so yummy. A good sweet tasting flavor is "I Want Candy".
Bath & Body Works sells this tinted gloss in different flavors. The MINT is so crisp and gives you a really fresh and cool feeling. Mmmm, I LOVE this one!

And there's the old standby. Any old chapstick will do just fine. Whatever you have lying around. This Classic Cherry Chapstick takes me back to my childhood. I was obsessed with this stuff.

Song of Solomon 1:2 "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth - for your love is more delightful than wine."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Song from "Sabrina"

How on earth did Paul remember that? 

The movie Sabrina came out in 1995. I'll bet he's seen it twice. I love this movie. Sabrina gets a "Paris" makeover and comes back and wins the hearts of two brothers. Paul recently had a layover in Paris on his way to Africa. This is what he sent me from his bus ride...there is a woman on the bus playing an accordion. It makes me want to go to Paris....