Monday, March 14, 2011

Things I'm lovin' - Part I

I pulled out this tablecloth last week - it makes me so happy! It's so vintage. It's a hand-stitched heirloom from Paul's family. It looks like it popped right out of an anthropologie catalog. yay! 
My front door wreath has had a spring makeover. My sweet friend Lauren gave me this wreath last year. And I usually just copycat her when she changes hers out. :) The fern is fake - $2.50  and the little bird - good heavens is he sweet or what - was $2.50 also.
My new converse sneaks! Paul got these for me on clearance at Marshalls. LOVE them!
I've got a thing for coin purses. Especially the kind with the ball clasps. This one is so handy on my keychain. There's probably 25 frequent shopper tags on there. But I keep change and a tube of carmex in my coin purse at all times. 

More to come...


Candy Jo Hayes said...

I love the door decor! You are so crafty :)

Elizabeth @ things with feathers said...

I love that tablecloth, Angela! What a treasure!!